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What’s the difference between Customer Experience (CX) and User Experience (UX)?

Let’s first define the two…

Customer Experience

The experience the customer will have across all touch points (online and offline), covering the relationship between the customer and the brand, from sales to operations, phone call to online interaction.

User Experience

UX focuses on the touch points with a digital interface, each a subset of the brand. UX encompasses how the digital experience makes a user feel and how usable that experience is throughout the entire process, before during and after.

Collaboration of UX and CX

Depending on what the customer or business requires, the work of the CX and UX person will overlap. In order to achieve a seamless experience the UX designer must first understand how the user will interact with the various touch points by gathering research, design and development material and aligning it to the customer journey map.

The result

Collaborating together on the customer journey we can create experiences that enable contextually aware data to be gathered, understand the goal of the customer, what the user wants to achieve and ensure they enjoy a seamless experience from start to finish, whether they are online or offline.

So what do we call this holistic experience? Service design.

Published by

Emily Walters

My passion is to create user centric and scalable solutions, empowering the customer or business to become a truly great, experience led organisation. How do we do it? By building an awesome team with great people that will deliver a user experience that differentiates a product or service in the marketplace. I am responsible for strategic UX leadership with customers and lead a multidisciplinary team of UX and UI designers and developers across a range of sectors in the UK. Our UX vision supports people and businesses in achieving the art of the possible. We create excitement and inspire a culture that enables our UX designers and developers to do what they do best – envision engaging experiences and support our customers in delivering them. Our UX methodology and toolkits create an environment for our team to consistently deliver excellence based on their skill set, cross-functionally collaborate with our IT teams and adapt and innovate quickly to respond to shifts in the market.

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