Three ways to tell if your digital strategy is moving in the right direction

So you have a digital strategy in place and being implemented. It’s early days and things seem to be moving in the right direction… but you’re not so sure?

Here are some ways to help quickly assess if your planned business transformation will deliver the right customer and business benefits in the end:

1. Assess senior managers’ understanding of the agreed business case

Different managers and their business areas will need digital to deliver different benefits for it to be considered a success. But all should have a shared, consistent vision about why your business is making this major investment. Ask your senior team individually to briefly explain the key reasons and intended outcomes of your organisation’s agreed digital strategy – any material differences (or lack of understanding) could indicate some fundamental issues with implementation at this early stage.

Worse yet, if a senior manager answers by only referring you to your Chief Digital Officer (or equivalent) to explain what’s going on there could be some serious issues about their buy in to the whole enterprise!

2. Consider how dependent success is on mobile

SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) are arguably considered to be the key integrated capabilities businesses must have to successfully compete today. It’s likely your digital strategy will include these elements with a focus on mobile as the main platform to deliver the right customer and employee experience.

However, there could be a risk that your strategy makes your proposition to market too reliant upon mobile to remain competitive (while taking for granted or neglecting your wider value chain). This is especially important given this platform is subject to further disruption and challenges from other emerging technologies (most notably, wearables).

One way to test this is to review your strategy’s effectiveness without mobile  – how hard would other assets in your digital mix like social, analytics and cloud have to “sweat” to deliver a comparable (or better) customer experience? How adaptive are they to different platforms apart from mobile?

The customer is king; mobile is king. Removing this focus enables the identification of potential gaps in your digital strategy that could be turned into opportunities to integrate these wider SMAC capabilities deeper into your value chain to drive sustainable competitive advantage.

3. Compare your digital strategy’s transformation roadmap to your previous change programmes

Like any other large scale business transformation programme there is a risk you might be trying to deliver too much change too quickly – an initiative overload that results in failure.

Digital transformation is about adopting new ways of working using the right technology to differentiate the customer or employee experience and optimise costs – the same ultimate goals of any business strategy. This means you can and should regularly compare the progress of your digital strategy implementation to previous experience to assess its ongoing performance and feasibility. Continually applying your own baseline understanding/insight of your organisation’s people, processes and technology capabilities should help mitigate delivery risks and enable you to realise the right tangible business benefits from digital.

If you would like to find out more about how digital transformation can benefit your business, please leave a reply below, or contact the Sopra Steria Digital Practice.

Published by

Mark Howard

Mark advises on user centric digital service design & transformation with a focus on tangible business benefits realisation. His passion is helping organisations to transform how their people use digital ways of working to interact with users to deliver an seamless, integrated customer experience. Mark’s recent private sector experience includes delivery of a mobile application prototype for a European business services company and advising a major UK high street retailer about using enterprise social media tools to drive competitiveness. Mark has 10+ years consultancy experience advising blue chip Telco, FMCG, Retail and Pharma clients as well as UK Central Government. Mark holds an MBA from Open University.

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