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Internet of humans and the evolution of a sixth sense

How close are we to human augmentation?

My previous blog introduced you to the first in a series of podcasts from Aurora, Sopra Steria’s horizon scanning team in which we talk about some of the key topics shaping our world. We discussed digital automation and the way it is impacting society and how we work.

Our second podcast takes the theme of automation further and we debate how the advances in wearables and other devices are turning us into ‘augmented humans’ – allowing us to do things that we couldn’t do before, improving the way we do things now and giving us access to a global network of connected humans providing the opportunity to do even bigger and better things in the future.

We also ponder the potential blurring of boundaries between humans and technology – for example, the progression for (what are now) wearable devices being miniaturised and embedded in our bodies, giving us a “sixth sense” and becoming an ‘Internet of Humans’, and whether industry-wide standards for these types of technologies can be realistically applied.

With such a vast and interesting topic to cover, we split the podcast into two sessions and you can listen to the first part – ‘The Internet of Humans’ – now.

To learn more about Aurora, and the topics that we are researching, read our brief opinion paper on the world ‘Beyond digital’.

  1. Digital automation
  2. Augmented human
  3. My Data
  4. Disintermediation
  5. Securing the net
  6. Hyper innovation

What are your thoughts about human augmentation? Leave a comment below or contact the Aurora horizon scanning team by email

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Tim Difford

Tim leads a major innovation programme driving client, colleague & customer engagement to deliver measurable benefits for Sopra Steria & clients. As well as providing consultancy on digital & social technologies and innovation strategy, Tim also advises startups and SMEs on digital strategy.

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