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In my recruiter I trust

In the race for talent, the relationship between recruiters and hiring companies is essential, more so in the last few months and certainly moving forward into 2016. It is getting progressively tougher to find the right talent and it becomes more and more essential that the relationship between client and recruiter moves away from master and servant to a true partnership and inclusive two-way relationship.

When I suggest that recruitment must be an inclusive two-way relationship I am focusing on the commitment from both parties to make sound recruitment decisions in a tough market. It is such a relationship that will provide certainty of delivery of your recruitment needs if you get it right.

Now is the time to take a hard look at your relationship with your existing suppliers and work out whether they can deliver that certainty. If not, then maybe it’s time to move on.

Why now? Well if you think the job market is tough now, wait two months, six months, a year. As the economy continues to grow, recruiting talent won’t get any easier and if you want your company to hire TOP talent it’s going to require partnering with a company that ensures right fit, first time through focused delivery and strategic approaches to connecting with talent.

Can your current relationship give you certainty of delivery?

Splitting up is difficult, but stay focused on why it needs to be done – things will only get harder moving forward. Making the right choices now can definitely mean a strong, better and easier relationship if it’s one built on advancing your mutual interests.

What do you think? Leave a reply below or contact me by email.

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