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Motivate your people using digital ways of working

It’s not just about the money! An employee’s performance at work is motivated by a range of factors; some extrinsic like pay or benefits and others intrinsic like job satisfaction. So how could an organisation use digital transformation to help build and sustain employee motivation? Here are some ideas…

  • Service improvement hackathons: These time-boxed workshops have been used to drive innovation and collaboration in software development over the last fifteen years. The principles of this approach could be adapted by an organisation to empower different (often disparate) business units to work together to solve strategic or operational issues affecting the services they provide. People get to apply their skills and experience together to solve a genuine business issue – a great source of intrinsic motivation!
  • Performance benchmarking: An organisation could engage in a form of “coopetition” with competitors to gather real time, comparable (anonymous) data about staff performance. This application of Big Data Analytics would enable employees to continually evaluate and improve their own performance using real world indicators – peer group review as a form of intrinsic motivation.
  • Employee cloud services: Given the falling costs of running B2B services using cloud (including the potential for economies of scale), an organisation could extend such capabilities to provide its employees with a range of personal IT services for free. These could include private file storage, office and gaming software or even data services (for phone calls, broadband etc). These extrinsic tangible benefits would reduce employees’ living costs and could be scaled according to length of service or grade to drive retention and performance.
  • Social media recognition: Organisations typically use the same social media channels as their employees. Consequently a team or individual could have their own organisation-endorsed social media profile. Although it would probably need to be governed by an agreed organisational policy and need some form of moderation, it would enable employees to share team or individual successes publicly, flag any issues they have at work and positively promote the organisation’s products or services. This application of personal branding drives intrinsic motivation by strengthening the trust between the organisation and its employees.

My closing thought? The key unifying idea of the examples above is about motivating employees by bringing them closer to their customers, competitors and organisation – such benefits are at the heart of digital transformation.

If you would like more information about how digital transformation can benefit your organisation please contact the Sopra Steria Digital Practice.

Published by

Mark Howard

Mark advises on user centric digital service design & transformation with a focus on tangible business benefits realisation. His passion is helping organisations to transform how their people use digital ways of working to interact with users to deliver an seamless, integrated customer experience. Mark’s recent private sector experience includes delivery of a mobile application prototype for a European business services company and advising a major UK high street retailer about using enterprise social media tools to drive competitiveness. Mark has 10+ years consultancy experience advising blue chip Telco, FMCG, Retail and Pharma clients as well as UK Central Government. Mark holds an MBA from Open University.

2 thoughts on “Motivate your people using digital ways of working”

  1. Hi Mark, good post! It really fits in with something that I’ve been thinking just recently – the only way that you can do good (usable, secure, compelling, convenient) digital work for your customers is if you live and breath good digital practice all day, everyday. At work and and at home.

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